Tans v Newcastle


The Tans recorded their first match point of the season with an excellent draw against a tough Newcastle side.

Peter Crichton and David Wrigley both held their opponents well with the black pieces, whilst Jeremy Handley came unstuck against Mike McBeth.

The Tans were soon back on level terms, however, as Derek Blair powered past Andy Robinson with a scintillating sacrificial attack

Dave Weldon and Gary Murphy found themselves in a fairly level rook ending with the clocks ticking down and peace broke out.

Tynedale Tans 2½-2½ Newcastle
David Wrigley ½-½ John Wheeler (171)
Dave Weldon ½-½ Gary Murphy (165)
Jeremy Handley 0-1 Michael McBeth (160)
Derek Blair 1-0 Andrew Robinson (154)
Peter Crichton ½-½ Paul Costello (146)

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