Reivers stung by the Wasps

The Reivers took on Jesmond Wasps in Jesmond on Friday Feb 8th. The line-up was
1. Zheming Zhang (161) v Phil Taylor (126)
2. James Moreby (113) v Dave Foster sr (117)
3. Kurt Moreby (120) v Alex Ashworth (113)
4. Rohan Rawat (38) v Steve Larkin (107)
5. Bobby Green (23) v Dave Foster jr (82)
Average age of the Wasps team was c 18, allowing for the fact that their captain Kurt is probably in his forties!Clearly their selection tactics relied on their winning the top three boards. Would they get away with it?
First to finish was board two, where Dave, who had gone a pawn up early on, was outplayed tactically. He resigned when unable to stop two linked passed pawns which were well supported. 1-0
Boards four and five finished in quick succession shortly afterwards. On four, Steve’s opponent concentrated on an ambitious kingside pawn push, while leaving his queen hemmed in on the other side of the board. A couple of knight moves later and the queen was trapped, whereafter it was just a matter of time before white collapsed. 1-1
On five, Dave’s opponent swept down triumphantly on a poisoned pawn and said goodbye to his queen very early on. A bishop soon went the same way, leaving Dave to cruise to victory. 1-2
On board one, Phil did a sterling bit of work, holding Zheming to equality for the first forty moves. Alas, he then embarked on an ambitious kingside pawn push which quickly proved disastrous and he resigned on move fifty. 2-2
Which left Alex and Kurt slogging it out. Their game had progressed at a very stately rate and they were still very much in a dead level middle game when everyone else had finished. Then Alex miscalculated an exchange and dropped a rook – game over. 3-2
So the Wasps’ selection tactics were vindicated while the Reivers slipped to their third 3-2 defeat and so continue their graceful descent towards the nether regions of the division.

2 thoughts on “Reivers stung by the Wasps”

  1. just to let u know steve that my opponnonent bobby green is not graded 23 but 82 as i have checked the ecf grading list so there must be an error in the handbook please check this out if possible thanks david foster jnr


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