Monarchs v Austins

S Tyne League

Monarchs played their last match of the season  on 9/4 against Austins of Carlisle and had to win 3-1 to edge past Friars who had captured pole league position the previous night with a win over Tynedale Dyvels.

David Wrigley was first to finish on Board 1 surviving an imaginative trap to end up a piece to the good and give Monarchs a good start. However this was cancelled out with a defeat on Board 4 where Dave Foster Jnr put up a courageous but eventually losing fight.

On Board 3 Steve Larkin survived a shakey opening but recovered with a strong king side attack down the f file yielding a big pawn majority and eventual win.

The respective captain’s were locked in battle on Board 2 with Bill Hardwick of Austins a pawn to the good.  However, a blunder meant his knight was lost and later his two rooks were forked to give Derek Blair the points.

Therefore Monarchs retained their S Tyne title for the fourth year but only just.


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