Reivers v Jesmond Sharks

This match took place at the Dyvels on Tuesday, April 16th with the following line-up:
1. Derek Blair (150) v Andy Trevelyan (166)
2. Steve Larkin (107)v Dave Walshaw (149)
3. Dave Foster jr (82) v Peter Owen (60)
4. Damian Rudge (u) v Abel Harvie-Clarke (u)
5. Dave Scott (u) v Sam Trevelyan (89)
Derek was first to finish, decapitating white’s queen on move 14, before the rest of us had barely picked up our pens. Just to show it was no fluke, he proceeded to run rings round his opponent twice more in friendlies, before a haggard-looking Andy called it a day! Those of you who aspire to become club champion beware! Mr Blair is razor-sharp! 1-0
Next, Dave jr trapped his opponent’s queen in front of his king with a rook check in the early middle game – game over! 2-0
Some time later Dave Scott, making his debut in the league, scored a convincing win which ensured full match points for the Reivers. He writes:” In spite of his youth, Sam Trevelyan was by far the better player on board 5. However, he played quickly and didn’t spend long enough considering the impact of some moves. He made a solid e4 start with strong moves following but, anticipating a rook and knight exchange, forfeited his queen for only a rook, giving David the upper hand. Sam tried trick after trick but eventually lost the game when David gained a econd queen.”3-0
Later still, Damian clinched his second league win in five days and a whitewash was in prospect. He writes: “I played e4 with a standard opening. My young opponent acquitted himself well but overlooked a pin on his queen and bishop. This meant that bishop had to take pawn, then my knight, backed up by my queen, took his bishop. This piece advantage proved to be the turning-point in the game.” 4-0
Which left Steve slogging it out with Dave Walshaw for another 45 minutes at least. Steve had the better of the opening but Dave came back strongly and built up pressure on Steve’s uncastled king. Hoping to improve his prospects, Steve castled at the worst possible moment and was forced to drop a knight for a pawn. Dave exploited this advantage to great effect, before finishing off with a very neat pawn checkmate. 4-1
A second victory in five days to consolidate our mid-table position.

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