Club Championship

Here are the current standings as of 18 October 2013:
Tim Wrigley 3/3
Christine Moorcroft 1.5/4
Alex Ashworth 1/1
Dave Foster sr 1/1
David Wrigley 1/1
Derek Blair 1/2
Peter Booker 1/3
Phil Taylor 1/3
Peter Crichton 0.5/1
Jeremy Handley 0.5/1
Steve Larkin 0.5/1
Bruce Reed 0/1
Damian Rudge 0/1
Dave Scott 0/1

The standings under Phil’s ingenious grading points scheme are:
Christine Moorcroft 13 points
Peter Booker 9 points
Jeremy Handley 2 points
Peter Crichton 1.5 points

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