Leam Lane Comets v Tynedale Reivers

Played on Tuesday October 13th, this match had the following pairings:

  1. Robert Forsythe (147) v Peter Crichton (141)
  2. Jason Daglish (144)    v Derek Blair (127)
  3. Alan Young (142)        v Alex Ashworth (114)
  4. David Stewardson (134) v Bruce Reed (110)
  5. Colin McGarty (99)      v Steve Larkin (109)
  1. First to finish was board 5 where Steve had a lucky escape, Colin missing the chance to go knight for pawn up on move 11. On move 21, Colin placed his knight where it looked as though it must win the exchange and perhaps a piece as well, but Steve found a sweet pawn move in reply and four moves later Colin resigned. 0-1
  2. Shortly afterwards, Alex’s game reached a dramatic conclusion when his clearly winning position collapsed as Alan’s check forked king and queen. 1-1
  3. Much later Bruce, who was massively down on time and marginally down materially, launched a last-gasp attack with queen and knight, which won him a pawn but failed to trap David’s king. On dropping rook for knight, Bruce resigned a hopeless position. 2-1
  4. On top board, Peter was having an excellent game, first going a pawn up and then a whole bishop. The outcome seemed a foregone conclusion until Peter waltzed his king into the one place on the board where a mating trap awaited him. 3-1
  5. And finally Derek’s game went to the wire. He pulled back from being two pawns down to material equality, but in a king and pawns endgame his pawns were significantly weaker than Jason’s and that determined the outcome. 4-1
  6. So in the end it was a bit of a pasting for the Reivers, but with just a little luck the result might have been very different.

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