Reivers v Gosforth Ivy

This match was played at Corbridge on Tuesday December 8th, with the following line-up:

  1. Tim Wrigley (148) v Dave Stebbings (131)
  2. Peter Crichton (141) v Jonathan Fallman (u)
  3. Derek Blair (127) v Joe Chan (127)
  4. Bruce Reed (110) v Gary Clarke (109)
  5. Steve Larkin (109) v Tony Neville (100)
Derek was first to finish, sweeping aside Joe, who resigned after his queen went the way of some of his minor pieces and departed the board. A welcome return to form by Derek. 1-0
Steve and Tony were dead level till Tony blundered a bishop and promptly resigned. 2-0
Tim’s game saw a series of more or less forced exchanges leading inexorably to a draw. 2.5-0.5
Bruce, a late replacement for Alex, kept all openings on the board covered, leaving Gary with no option other than to accept the draw. 3-1
And finally Peter’s game was even till late in the endgame when he picked up a pawn. However, Jonathan played the position very well and eventually Peter conceded the draw when Jonathan had just 4 seconds left on his clock – a sporting gesture by Peter. 3.5-1.5
So at last the Reivers are off the mark and should move clear of the bottom of the table, the position they occupied before the match started. Well done, team!

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