Christmas Special

Santa gave us no respite on Tuesday, as the club had a time handicap Christmas special.

There were 12 of us in total, two guests (Steve’s son-law Karl & Matthew Taylor) plus (Alex, Bruce, 2 Davids, 2 Peters, Phil, Stephen, Steve & Tim).

Santa’s little helpers declared the format would be 30 minutes a game, with the time split as much as 27 mins to 3 mins, depending on gradings.

Three minutes does not seem much, but Karl waltzed through the evening and won 5 out of 5. Next year we could try 2 mins. Sadly Karl lives in London, so will not appear regularly at the club.

Second was Phil (4 out of 5), followed by a large group on 3 out of 5.

Finally a big thank to you to Peter for organising a very enjoyable evening.

Does anyone have a photograph of Alex’s jumper ?




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