Reivers v Tynemouth C

This fixture took place at Tynemouth on Tuesday January 19th 2016, with the following line-up:

  1. Chris Smith (139) v Peter Crichton (141)
  2. John Marton (145) v Alex Ashworth (114)
  3. Bill Penny (120) v Bruce Reed (110)
  4. Lewis Self (119) v Steve Larkin (109)
  5. Joe Murray (108) v Phil Taylor (106)
A close match was in prospect and it seemed clear that this was a match the Reivers, third from bottom, had to win if they were to preserve their chances of remaining in the second division (the same held true of Tynemouth C, who were second from bottom).
The first game to finish was Phil’s. While he controlled more space on the board, Phil found that his opponent had closed the board down and there was no way through, so a draw was agreed. 0.5-0.5
Next to finish was Steve, who was outplayed by Lewis in the middle game and should have gone a piece down. Instead, Lewis allowed him to emerge from a series of exchanges rook for bishop up, at which point Lewis then dropped a bishop and had a knight pinned on a rook. He looked fed up with himself and resigned. 0.5-1.5
On top board, Peter won Chris’s queen for two minor pieces and was also several pawns up and duly went on to win. 0.5-2.5 and one match point in the bag.
Bruce subjected Bill to a sustained kingside attack which eventually led to his capturing Bill’s queen and going on to win. 0.5-3.5 and two match points in the bag!
And finally Alex had a tight game in which both players were even in material terms throughout, but Alex had all the initiative and John finally buckled and resigned. Another fine win for Alex after his victory over Zheming Zhang last Friday in division one, and a splendid and totally unexpected margin of victory for the Reivers, 0.5-4.5!! Our chances of surviving in division two have improved dramatically!

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