Reivers v Morpeth B

This match was played at Morpeth on Wednesday Feb 17th, with the following line-up:

  1. Phil Eastlake (154) v Peter Crichton (141)
  2. John Horton (148) v Derek Blair (127)
  3. Robert Mitcheson (140) v Alex Ashworth (114)
  4. Martin Shaw (133) v Steve Larkin (109)
  5. David Watson (99) v Phil Taylor (106)
This was always going to be a tough match and so it proved. First to finish was Peter, who was outplayed from the opening, apparently, in a line with which he was unfamiliar. 1-0
Next was Phil, whose game came down to his bishop and pawn versus David’s rook and pawn. Unlike Phil’s pawn, David’s had a clear run and his likely win was sealed when Phil blundered, allowing David to swap rook for bishop, thereby ensuring his pawn would indeed queen. 2-0
Once again, Alex put up the best performance for the Reivers, matching his stronger opponent (graded 154 last year!) all the way and losing out only in the final few moves when he was running out of time. 3-0
Steve made one slip, costing him a knight for two pawns and handing the initiative to Martin. By the end, Martin had rook, bishop and three pawns to Steve’s rook and four, but both players were down to three minutes each, with plenty of play left. So when Martin offered a draw, Steve accepted with alacrity! 3.5-0.5
Derek built a huge defensive wall around his king, involving virtually every available piece. Eventually the pressure he was under told and he dropped queen for rook and then ran out of time. 4.5-0.5
So to all intents and purposes a complete whitewash, leaving the Reivers where they were before the match started, just one place above the relegation zone, with three matches left. It’s going to be an anxious time!

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