HB v Angels


Played at Haydon Bridge Thu 3 Mar 2016
Haydon Bridge H/c res Res H/c Angels
Ian Mackay 3 0 4 1 David Wrigley
Dave Foster Snr 4 0 4 2 Tim Wrigley
Tom Bradford 4 0 4 5 Steve Larkin
Damian Rudge 8 0 4 7 Peter Booker
19 0 16 15
19 31


Monarchs v Angels

An entertaining match, but not one graced with much good chess.

The match started with a 8 point (27-19) handicap lead to the Monarchs.

First to finish were Steve & Dave. Steve won a piece but in doing so didn’t notice Dave’s back rank mate.

4-0 to the Monarchs, and the best the Angels could do was draw the match.

Second were Alex & Bruce, Alex was winning, rook  + 2 pawns to 5 pawns, but had to settle for a draw when left with an unqueenable rook’s pawn.

6-2 to the Monarchs, and the match was over.

Tim blundered a knight for a pawn against Derek and was grateful to get some activity for his queen as compensation. This left Derek with an awkward game to win, Q, B & N against Q & N, and Derek’s bishop in particular was awkwardly placed. He too eventually blundered losing his queen to a pawn fork, rapidly followed by a knight and a bishop. In Alex’s cryptic words Derek managed to lose 3 pieces in 2 moves.

Scores level 6-6

Last was Peter & Stephen, probably the best game of the night. Peter was behind on material, but in a good position, with two aggressive rooks and advanced central pawns, when Stephen ran out of time.

10-6 to the Angels , but because of the handicap The Monarchs win the match.

Played at Corbridge Tue 15 Dec 2015
Monarchs H/c res Res H/c Angels
Derek Blair 4 0 4 2 Tim Wrigley
Bruce Reed 5 2 2 5 Alex Ashworth
Dave Foster (Jnr) 8 4 0 5 Steve Larkin
Stephen Rowley 10 0 4 7 Peter Booker
27 6 10 19
33 29