Durham City v Tans

Revenge for Durham. Last season we beat them 4-1, a resounding victory against the reigning 2013-14 champions. This year we were outgraded by a total of 202 points and lost 4½-½.

I was the most outgraded (51 points), and probably the most outplayed as well, castling queen side in an English. I’m not convinced that castling queen side was wrong, but my opponent was,  played well and took full advantage. Once again pride of place goes to Alex who claimed the only half point with a draw against an opponent graded 40 points more than him. Well played Alex


Durham v Tynedale Tans
Played in Durham Tue 10 Feb 2016
Thomas Eggleston 1-0 David Wrigley
Ken Neat 1-0 Gary Murphy
Ian Watson 1-0 Tim Wrigley
Szymon Palucha 1-0 Peter Crichton
Ian Dobbs ½-½ Alex Ashworth

Tans v Leam Lane Aces

Following on from the Reivers stunning performance last week against Tynemouth C last week, the Tans produced one of their own, beating Leam Lane Aces 4½-½. As non-playing captain, I take all the credit for this, but particular mention should also be made of Klauss, who had a fine victory over David Walker, a FIDE Master. Well played Klauss.

Tans v Leam Lane Aces
Played at Corbridge Tue 26 Jan 2016
Klauss Mosnegutu 1-0 David Walker
Mariana Mosnegutu 1-0 Kyrill Gara
David Wrigley 1-0 John Marsh
Gary Murphy 1-0 Jason Daglish
Alex Ashworth ½-½ Alan Young

Jesmond Knights v Tans

Apart from Mariana, the Tans were heavily outgraded, so this is a fine result. Alex was the star of the show, graded 111 to Zheming’s  169.

 Jesmond Knights v Tynedale Tans
Played in British Legion, Jesmond Tue 15 Jan 2016
Chris Izod ½-½ Mariana Mosnegutu
Malola Prasath ½-½ Gary Murphy
Edward Dodds ½-½ Tim Wrigley
John Turnock 1-0 Jeremy Handley
Zheming Zhang 0-1 Alex Ashworth